Hello, and happy 2018!

If you’re stumbling upon this site by happenstance, or we’ve never met, welcome! My name is Carisa, and I’m the creator and editor-in-chief of OK with Imperfect, a new storytelling platform for female-indentifying individuals. I’m a nonprofit lawyer and former fashion blogger based out of Baltimore, Maryland.

If we have met, you’re probably wondering-what happened to Legally Charming Style?

That’s a good question, and this letter is meant to serve as a bit of an answer.

I founded Legally Charming Style three and a half years ago as a fashion blog which I hoped would create a community of body-positive, bargain-hunting people who loved clothes as much as I did. I started VERY small and without an ounce of sponsorship, partnership, or connections.

Over the last three and a half years, I’ve built that, and the blog for me every day became less and less what I’d originally wanted it to be-a community. It became more about my clothes, what brands I was wearing, how glam my photos were, and who my latest partner was.

I’m going to be honest, guys-I started to hate it.

And after a minute, I started deviating from the path and sharing much more about myself-sharing stories about my own issues with body confidence, love and romance, and personal trauma. And you know what? It made me happy, so much happier than the posts about my clothes did.

You know what else? People responded to it more authentically.

I suspect people realized that writing and sharing those stories were so much more authentic than any outfit I could ever post.

And so, after a lot of soul searching, I decided it was time to move on from Legally Charming Style and create this platform. A place for stories-not just mine, but those of anyone brave enough to share. And thus, OK with Imperfect was born.

I’ve been scared about doing this. No lie. It’s a departure from the world I’ve known in blogging. I’ve been afraid of losing followers, not getting the same exposure, being judged for “giving up” on something I’ve been doing for so long. It’s also much more raw to talk about yourself than it is to share your outfits and surface anecdotes. But it’s also what I need, and, in our current climate, I think many of us may need.

I’m publishing this first post-without a logo, without pretense-and I hope it resonates with you. I hope that inspires you to do what feels authentic to you. And maybe-hopefully?-inspires you to reach out and share some of your stories on here, too.

Welcome to the community. I hope you hang around.




  1. Love this concept! Still blogging about how you present yourself to the world, but now more from the inside out! Cannot wait to see where this goes.


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